Homes for Sale at Whistling Thorn

The Whistling Thorn community has several styles of homes for sale, so that everyone can find a house that suits their needs. When you buy a house on Whistling Thorn HOA property, you'll get to experience all of the benefits mentioned on our amenities page as well as a strong sense of community and a friendly neighborhood experience. We have several types of homes available on our properties:

Single-Family Homes

We have an array of single-family homes that may be one or two stories with single- or double-car garages. Porches and decks are optional and can always be added later at the homeowner's request.

Two-Family Homes

These duplexes have similar amenities to the single-family homes. The same deck and porch options are available along with the options of garage. Homeowners will share use of a yard but enjoy full access to all of Whistling Thorn's amenities.

River Views

Some of the most sought-after homes on our property are the ones that provide beautiful views of the river. These luxury homes are mostly for single families with a few two-family homes. Please call us for availability.